Output Meter Feature Request

It would be useful to have a smaller scope where a chain’s output level meter currently resides. This way, you could see the result of what the entire chain is doing, compared to the current ‘per parameter’ scope view.

I do like the level meter, so perhaps this could be an M key toggle underneath the chain’s output meter? Maybe Level, Scope and off (if that frees up some CPU usage?)


Just to confirm: The scope in the sub display is not filling this role already?

It does, except it’s not quite simultaneous if making manual adjustments with the encoder. If you’re in the midst of adjusting a value, the bias/gain takes over the sub display, until you move the selection cursor to before or after the unit. Or am I missing something silly? It’s happened! :smiley:

But then even if there was a scope in the chain’s footer, it would most likely be off display when you are adjusting parameters. :thinking:

I am not sure what SHIFT-M6 does at the moment and my system is already packed to move to new apartment tomorrow but I think I never used it by now. Maybe it could toggle the small screen [focus] between a track output scope/meter and the usual subchain/gain/bias view?

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Wondering if would be possible to add a numeric display to the scope screens. I find it tricky to follow the scope if it goes outside the visible range.

Not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but I just came on to ask:
Is it possible to “pin” a scope view while navigating the chain? I often find myself repeatedly changing a value and scrolling back to the scope output.


@apeirophobe apologies if the answer to following is obvious but how do you do you display the scope?

@apeirophobe I like this idea

For example, when you add a sine oscillator and you scroll just to the right of the unit, you will see a “scope” view of the sine wave. Scroll back to adjust any parameter of the oscillator and you can no longer see the waveform.

Have you tried pressing ENTER while the cursor is over the parameter that you want to adjust with more context?

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Yes. I just “discovered” this feature. Tres cool.

Doh! I’m out of town for a few days but looking forward to trying this when I return.