Outputs to Effects Pedals

I just saw @mopoco’s portable studio and spotted the TimeLine in there, I love the Strymon pedals - they are amazing, but I have this constant battle integrating them into my system.

I’ve realised I can probably just attenuate outputs from the ER-301 and plug in directly - has anyone tried this?

I run attenuated Euro outputs to line-ins all the time. Haveta be a little careful about gain-staging, but works fine overall.


I do it direct into my MOTU sound cards all the time, but they have a lot of headroom and there’s no need to attenuate.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but what about a Line Level Output Mode on the ER-301 outputs?


That would be lovely to have this as an option in the admin mode !

Pretty sure I recall Brian saying that this will feature will be available but has just not been exposed yet.

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I think you might be right, or was it the inputs?

I have my Strymon DIG plugged directly from the er-301 and the stereo return running back into the 301, and I’m mixing wet & dry within the module. It works great.


Oh cool! Good to know thanks :slight_smile:

Are you attenuating at all?

I have done both. I don’t really have an issue with the DIG going straight from MI Streams but either way it works.

Matter of fact I just checked. Amazingly I have the Strymon directly connected to the VCA. The output is multed into the DIG and the ER-301. I also have the wet and dry mix even at 0db. (?!??). It doesn’t sound bad or overdriven but I should mention the signal chain in this case is MN telharmonic-> Cwejman MMF-6 -> MI Streams-> Strymon DiG. If it is overdriven I’m not sure I’d notice!

I’m surprised this works. Usually I hang it off my mixer which had the levels trimmed way down. Right now I’m experimenting with the 301 replacing most of my mixing duties.

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