Package Forwarding

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With international shipping still closed and used units going for nearly double the price, it’s looking like my best option to get an ER-301 is to go through a japan package forwarding company. These are obviously quite risky, so before I go through with it I’d love to know: has anyone had any success with these in the past, or have any specific companies that either worked well or to avoid?


Brian has stated that he’s refraining from any international shipping to balance those risks with his own workload and risk-tolerance, not just due to EMS stoppages. (Also, possibly, he’s wanting to keep the userbase small, with low turnover, to reduce the amount of effort it takes to educate new users…) As with all of us, all of those competing issues are worsened by the inevitable effects that COVID has had on his schedule and mobility.

Anyway, I very much doubt he’d be enthused about creating a middle-man scenario for international shipping. Please don’t take my speculation as gospel, though!