Packaged Preset Test (UI Layer)

Since no one has attempted this yet that I’ve seen, here’s a packaged preset I created using the UI’s package manager. It was originally saved as a chain, and the package manager set it up so that when you insert the unit, it drops it inside a mixer. Nice! Once installed it appears in the insert menu. Load and it will make some pretty sounds at you.

Anyone want to give it a go and see if it loads?

ER-301 Firmware v0.6.02
Accents v0.6.01

  1. Save the file on your SD in /ER-301/packges.
  2. Open Package Manager in the admin area
  3. Highlight the package
  4. Press install

Rolling Sine.pkg (3.4 KB)

And just to clarify: you can add multiple presets to a single package.

How does this deal with samples if I want to share with other people? Does it save the samples used in the package?

Do I still save as a chain? or if it’s a custom effect as a custom preset in the /er301/packages folder?

Yea packages will include any of the samples used in the preset, which makes it a great way to share samples as well.

Edit: Hm @odevices I just tried creating a package from the card player and the sample doesn’t load properly…

Yea the file couldn’t be found.

[#201 17.0419s lua] ERROR WavFileReader::open(front/Samples/Ancient_Waves/AUDIO/Ancient Voices/Drone/Drone - Burial Ground.wav): failed to open.
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Unit and Chain presets are supported. Chain presets will be loaded inside a mixer unit.

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Ah yes, the Card Player unit never loads a sample, so the packager thinks there is no sample to include.

I’ll create an issue for this.


Cool, btw I unzipped the pkg and the wav file is there it’s just on the rear card I guess.

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How do you save multiple different unrelated units to 1 package?

Press Enable Multi (S3) when in the file chooser screen. As the on-screen instructions state:

ENTER to select/deselect.
SHIFT+ENTER to commit the selection.

Once you commit the selection, you will be taken to a staging screen where you can change the order and/or add more presets. SHIFT+ENTER once more will finalize the selection and bring you to the next step.

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OK thanks - I was getting confused with the stages from Joe - there was one step missing

To make a package from 1 preset.

  1. Save your unit or chain file on your SD to /ER-301/packages.
  2. Open Package Manager in the admin area.
  3. Highlight the unit / chain file you want
  4. Create Package.
  5. Job done :slight_smile:

Hmm. Does that actually work? Steps 3 and 4 are swapped. The instructions I would give are:

  1. Save your preset(s) anywhere.
  2. Go to admin > Package Manager and press Create Package (S3)
  3. In the file chooser presented, select your preset(s).
  4. Next, you will be asked where and what filename to save the package. (Hint: Save it in ER-301/packages if you want to be able to install in your own ER-301 without having to move it.)
  5. Next, you will be asked to name the package author.
  6. Done.

Just tried mine and no it doesn’t work - i see lots more steps
It kind of not so user obvious, on the very first go, and you need to be checking that lower screen like a hawk. But now i get it. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Haha. I have noticed that people tend to totally ignore not notice instructions placed there.

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i’m having a problem with the units containing samples in the packages for the varispeed player which install ok but the unit fails to load the samples when first running the unit. Manual Grains loads samples OK but the issue im having is with the varispeed player.

here’s a log file of a variable speed player unit (782 Bytes)

What is this suppose to be pointing to? Is it actually a folder of samples?

front/Samples/Norns/Konkrete FX Percussion Kits/Skimmington Kit-0924-06

Yes - the folder has samples but that package link is adding “-0924-06” when loading which isnt correct.
Its adding the samples when making the .pkg because it taking time to compress them - the card reader flashes and the top screen shows samples being added.

This is were the samples are
front/Samples/Norns/Konkrete FX Percussion Kits/Skimmington Kit/Skimming-1.wav (etc to Skimming-54)

Is this anything to do with Pool / Card when saving and trying to load from a Pool instead of the Card?

Every unit with the variable speed player sample is adding that -0924- number

Time to call the holistic detective on this one.


I think this may be fixed in v0.6.15.

Keep in mind I was able to reproduce a failure of the packaged sample chains to load (which I fixed) but I was not able to reproduce that appending of “-0924-06” to the filenames.