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Panel availability after purchase?

Say someone buys a used ER-101/102 combo or ER-301, do you have panels for sale should the buyer want to have Original Flavor instead of Nostalgia?

Yes I do. Currently, ER-101 panels are $40 and ER-102 panels are $25. Email/pm me when you want to order.

(Prices/availability are subject to change.)

Congrats… you did the buy from Muffwiggler?

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There is another ER-101/102 up in Nostalgia:


Looks to be in nice condition.

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Thank you Brian.
But I prefer new

Yes, I was the buyer :slight_smile:

Hi @odevices!

I already know the international shop is closed for modules, but is possible to buy an extra panel for my ER-301, or should I wait for the international shop to be open again? My “People’s choice” panel has some marks, and I would like to pick a “Nostalgia” version this time. If not don’t worry … I’ll wait for things to go back “normal” again, if that’s possible … :mask:

Please wait for the shop to open again. :bowing_man:

No problem Brian! Sorry for being so impatient!

Not in any hurry here, but I was wondering whether the acrylic screen covers have ever been (or will ever be) included with replacement panels :slight_smile: