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Panning recipe request


This will very very easy for most of you ER-301 wizards. I’m looking for a clean recipe for stereo panning. Ideally it would be a custom unit that would take two inputs for gradual hard/soft panning (square to sine I guess) and a pulse that decides the speed of switching from left to right.
I did some experiments with sample and hold and different oscillators but it is a little unreliable. Anyone up for the challenge? (even though this is probably too easy to call it that… :thinking:)


How about putting a Slew Limiter unit after your gate signal? That would give you square to triangle.
Oh, and sine to square (and back) can be achieved with a Limiter unit.


Will give it a try, thanks. I already got a little closer by putting my question to words by the way :slight_smile: Will post back when I get a satisfying result.