Part selection and activate

I have been using another sequencer for part activation and selection. Is there another way that might work better? This may have been covered earlier but I have not found anything. Manual says “suitable cv/gate source” but does not mention what would work best.

pressure points or tetrapad are pretty quick to dial in part changes. another sequencer to manage would be more event programmable however. if you don’t want to bring along another sequencer you can use the fourth channel of the 101 also to self-patch sequence part changes as well… i never tried this but @SonicVoltage does a great demo on his overview youtube videos parts 1 and 2. really looking forward to part 3 when he will cover Groups.

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I’ve been using another channel to sequence and activate parts. It works quite well and I already have the extra channel available because I only have a 6U 104 system anyways.

I’m curious to know what some of you use for sequencing the parts on the er-102 via the cv/gate inputs?

Also, it would be a nice bonust if anyone can provide an example of a song composed entirely with that method :slight_smile:

Seems like ppl are not really discussing this important “part” of the er-102, the actual composing of a whole song with the er-101, which i find to be one of the most appealing aspect of the er-102. There is only this thread on the matter, and only 3 replies so far?

Teletype! Synced to the same clock as the 101, of course.

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i use my hands