Parts ER102 (loops)

Since a few days I’m a proud owner of the er101/er102 combo!
It took me years to decide this was the sequencer for me.
It looked cool but couldn’t understand what was going on.
Thanks to SonicVoltage and SeqBeat I finally understood how it worked.

This week was learning to work with it.
And it’s amazing! Very easy to learn.
(Can’t believe that I couldn’t understand how it worked, it’s so logical)

The way PARTS works is not yet easy to me.
I thought it would hold the same logic as saved snapshots.
Meaning that you could change a loop in a PART but when you recall it,
It would go back to it’s saved state. (Push transition button)
It seems not to be doing that, instead you need to go to a new PART to create a new loop.
Not really a problem but in a live situation you could easily make a mistake and change a loop in a PART by accident.
I guess you could recall the snapshot.
Or am I overlooking something here?

Thanks guys! Love this thing!


I think I answered it myself. :sunglasses:
Recalling the snapshot does the trick.
And looking in the VOLTAGE screen while in PART
To see if anything is already programmed in there.
And do some new looping in an empty PART slot.

Anyway if anybody has another cool idea of how to play with PART in live situations. I’m all ears.