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Parts import from MIDI


Is there a way to set parts and loop points when importing MIDI files? I would really love to have such possibility with CC messages.


An option to set Parts in the MIDI file so that it could be imported would be awesome indeed.


Ha, damn @odevices this guy has his thinking cap on.


Even if one could just set patterns on the MIDI file that would make it much easier to set Parts on the ER-102 once its imported.


So what’s the MIDI equivalent of parts (reset step, loop start, loop end) and what MIDI editing program lets you set such things?


I would do it like this:

assign a seperate MIDI channel for information regarding parts.
assign notes on that channel to reset step, loop start, loop end.
assign a CC parameter so its value would indicate the part number.

assign a CC parameter to channel 1-4 to indicate the pattern number

Does anybody understand what i mean? Does it make sense?


MIDI does not have a direct equivalent for those features, but MIDI CCs are typically used for sending custom events. An alternative could be some kind of concatenation of multiple tracks, where each track would be added as a separate part.