Patches in Patches

So, another crazy idea open for discussion and consideration:

The idea is that if you build a patch full of units that the settings for those units can be saved out separately from the full unit specification. I think this would enable fast switching between presets.

I was thinking about my FM synth efforts and quite a few have ended up having very similar architectures, if not exactly the same. This reflects the nature of other FM synths where there are algorithms with different settings.

I know this would be possible, but it’s whether or not everyone thinks it worthwhile!

Is it enough to switch between presets and rebuild the unit tree every time or would an extra layer of custom unit patch saving be useful?

Cant this be accomplished already by saving a set of commonly used units in the chooser?

Oh - you’re talking about the specific values for a set of pre-existing units. Ignore my previous post. :slight_smile:

Yeah, kinda, it’s the unit load times I was looking to bypass!

Also, loading up four sets of values and being able to somehow morph between them would be immense!

You got it :smiley:

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Yes. This has parallels with this discussion here about Sound Computer Automation. The ability to go “hands off” will open up a lot of possibilities.

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