Patching an FM voice

Hi Brian,

I have another question regarding referencing parameters within the 301 but I’m not sure if it would be possible to accomplish via the Global Chains system.

If I want to create an FM voice where 1 operator is always running at half the frequency of another operator, how would I create this relationship?

In the below example (mocked up in TouchDesigner) I’ve got Operator 1 set to 440 Hz (its parameters are listed on the left) and I’ve got Operator 2 set to reference Operator 1’s frequency ÷ 2

Is there any way to accomplish simple math and variable referencing like this? I’m not talking about grabbing audio from a subchain but just variable reference and minimal processing.

Also, if this warrants opening a new thread let me know and I’ll do it.

Thank you!

For that situation I would just apply the 1v/oct input to the two oscillators and set the frequency of one at half of the frequency of the other.


in other cases you may want to reference an input and then use VCA’s to multiply it to different ratios. if you want your ratio to always be an integer you may prefer to use the Rational VCA instead of the normal linear bipolar vca.
remember you can create custom controls on top chain of every unit, so you can have a top level control of ratios inside your patches.