Pattern flip math functions

First post here :sweat:
I was thinking it would be neat to have a horizontal pattern flip (retrograde) and vertical pattern flip (inversion) functions, combining these two a retrograde inversion would be possible too.

Having these would make serialism on ER-101 a breeze.

Hello and welcome!

Unfortunately, these kind of advanced operations are only targeted for the ER-102. If you have the ER-102 then…

Retrograde (serialism-style)
There is a button called INVERT which can be used to reverse the order of any step attribute at the pattern, track or group level.

Inversion (serialism-style)
Use a (multi-operation) MATH transform with G=-1 and A=pitch center plus some octaves to keep the result positive.


Posts like this are very humbling and make me feel like I still have so far to go!

Ah, I see.
Don’t have the 102.
I suspect I’ll dig deeper into it’s capabilities and afterwards will have hard time finding excuses for not getting one.
Until then - good ol’ brain processing power will do the trick.

Thanks for a quick reply, Brian!

Ain’t that the exciting part? :baby:

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Oh yes - absolutely :smiley:

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I always forget that Invert does more than just “Undo” your last Math operation.