Pattern function?

Hello !

i just would like to know if there is a away to create a pattern from other pattern ?
for exemple i would like to create a single one from pattern 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.
i know i can do it by copy/paste steps from P2 to the end of P1, but in some case it can ask a lot of time !


Depending on which edit level you are in you can copy tracks, patterns or steps using the same copy button!

So, all you need to do is press the pattern button before doing the copy and insert :wink:

thank you, yes i know that ! but this is not what i’m looking for :wink: i’m looking to join multiple patterns to only one.

Oh I see, in that case, no, I don’t know a way to do that, sorry!

Currently pattern boundaries are included when inserting (pasting) sequences of steps or sequences of patterns. So the answer to your question is: no, you must currently copy each pattern separately.

However, I don’t feel strongly about this so I could be convinced to change it so that when copying/pasting sequences of steps the pattern boundaries are left out and include the pattern boundaries only when copying sequences of patterns.

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i’m not sure to understand… you can’t actually copy/paste sequence of steps ? i mean select multiple steps and copy paste them. i’m not sure…

The thing i’m talking about is more like in the er301, it’s not the same, but that the thing who give me this idea :
when you select multiple units there is an option “move to a mixer”.

I like this kind of idea : you select multiple patterns and move to only one.

Yes, you can copy/paste sequences of steps and pattern, see the bottom of p.12 of the ER-101 User Manual.

We are talking just about whether or not the pattern boundaries are included when you paste a sequence of steps. Suppose you had the following sequence containing 2 patterns each with 4 steps:

| A B C D | E F G H |

If you selected and copied the steps C through F:

| A B (C D | E F) G H |

And pasted into a new empty track then you would get two patterns:


The pattern boundary between D and E is included when you copy/paste. What I’m proposing is leaving the current behavior when you have PATTERN focused (when copying to the clipboard) but leave out the pattern boundaries when you have STEP focused (when copying to the clipboard).

Is that clearer?

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oh ! i read the manual many times, and i forget this function ! i never used it, this is great and i’ll win some time now !
so yes, thanks for your explanations, it’s clear ! and sure, it can be nice to have this function please !
but i don’t know if everybody will be happy with that !? maybe it can be a choice in the config file for exemple ! ?


I think I would be happy with it, it makes sense and may make things easier!

Sounds good to me too.

Belated +1 from me. This would be an acceptable substitute for “merge patterns”.

This request has been implemented in v2.16.

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Great ! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: Does this has been included in the ER-101 firmware at any point…? Or is it just for 102 ? Thanks