Patterning, Shuttle Control and the ER-301

Is a blast :joy:

Patterning is perfectly in sync with the Octarack through the SC. Still got loads of things to try but basic triggering of samples is really easy! I kept the kick separate and had a stereo strip for everything else, at last full stereo positioning of drum elements in modular - yay! Streams in twin mode as a full compressor with side chain from the kick works well too.

I’ve really been enjoying using a White Noise unit coupled with a S&H unit with a trigger from whatever drum I want to add variation to to randomly modulate level, kinda like velocity I guess.

In short the gorgeous UI of Patterning == rotating polyrythms and probability > ER-301



Someday I hope to grow up and be able to understand this intriguing language

I do apologise, I don’t mean to by cryptic, I was just a little bit excited :dizzy_face:

I’m more than happy to go through any part, or all of this, to clarify what I am actually doing and why I am excited, the phrase “MIDI, iPad and modular in perfect sync” is not one you hear often and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s taken a very long time and a lot of experimentation to resolve this particular problem.

Please do ask questions :slight_smile:

If it’s all gobbledegook just say so and I’ll attempt a full explanation!!


Good stuff. I have that combo but haven’t tried it yet - I’ll have to give it a go.
Lots of fun to be had controlling ER-301 with both the Abstract Data Octocontroller
and the Cirklon, locked to my DAW or not. Will probably post some video at some point…

This thread is useless without audio examples :wink: (hehe) Being a percussionist by nature, I want to hear the polyrhythms! :wink:

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Hehe - fair point!!

Can’t at the moment, but will do next week sometime :smile:

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i just wanted to start a new thread and ask if someone uses the shuttle control with the 301 :smiley:
regarding patterning: they had quite some midi sync issues in the past - did that get better in the meantime? and what other osx apps did you try with shuttle & 301 (or other modules as well) if i may ask?

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Liine Lemur is the answer.

i agree.

that patterning is a blast with shuttle control.

What was the question again? :slight_smile:

Lemur can be good fun, indeed.