Pedal Looper to Varispeed player etc

After one month using the 301 and frequently visiting and reading this forum and the wiki I still have a lot of questions about the workflow with the ER-301, here are a few of them, I hope it’s OK to post them in the same thread.

I use a pedal looper with a clock quantizer and a Softstep to record loops on the fly, it’s very efficient. When the loop is good, I want to keep it and add another one on top of it, etc. (There was a post about that on this forum called Feature idea: quick sampling). At the moment, I do this manually but I’m wondering: Could a function like “Convert to Variable Speed player” or “Move to player” be created ? Or by using “replace”, could the temp buffer used by the looper be transfered to the new player (raw, varispeed, etc) and saved with a random name generated ?

Is it possible to assign multiple triggers to a parameter, the “gate” parameter of a sample player for example ?

3/ Is it possible to route the audio signal of a device (a mixer containing a player for example) on line 1 to another output than out 1 or multiple outputs simultaneously ?

Thanks !

I think only @odevices can answer #1, but I can take a shot at the other two. I do like the idea in your first point though.

Sure, just put a couple of Mixer Units in its subchain, and put a trigger source in each mixer. Should trigger it if either or both triggers fire. You could also try out the Logics bespoke unit I built to get different kinds of behaviors from combining two control signals.

You’d want to move the things inside that mixer to a global chain. You can use a global chain’s output just about anywhere. As the source of one of the channel chains, in the middle of some other chain (just insert a mixer and you can select a global chain as the mixer’s input), or even inside another global chain. Global chains are in the Admin area if you haven’t discovered them yet.


#1: I have a number of similar requests which I’m slowly mulling in my head. Your suggested implementations are welcome. :wink: I’m pretty sure the workflow around live recording loops/clips will get optimized at some point.

Some additions to Joe’s excellent post.

If you don’t need the audio-specific amenities (dB scale, solo/mute, etc.) then the Offset units can be used for this purpose as well.

The OUT1 to OUT4 are also available as sources in the source chooser screen:



Thanks for your reply @Joe and @odevices, points 2 and 3 are now very clear and I will try the Logics bespoke units. I thought the outputs were only available in the 6 track recorder, but now that I know that they’re everywhere I’m gonna start building more complex things.

Regarding the live looping, I’m glad to read that something going in this direction will probably happen Brian.

I’ve been thinking again about the workflow:
The “replace” option would be a benefit and would save a lot of time 5 steps at least -> "copy audio to new buffer", "save the buffer", "delete the pedal looper", "create a new player", "assign a sample to this player" but… the newly created “varispeed player” wouldn’t have a gate assigned to it and would still require the user to select a gate input. Unless the trigger that was assigned to the “Quantize to clock” unit becomes the gate of the varispeed player. But not everyone will want to work with quantized loops, so…

I realize that it’s very difficult to find a solution that would fit everyone’s workflow :slight_smile:

I also thought of a new “playlist unit” ? From a Pedal looper we could choose “Move to playlist” and the buffer will be saved and assigned the next available slot in this “Playlist unit”. This unit would either play all samples/loops at the same time or one after the other like Live ?
Or an 8-track recorder/player with a voltage control over the play/rec head ? :thinking:
Or a “record button” directly in the varispeed unit ?

As a matter of fact, while brainstorming and writing this post, I’m figuring out that I can already improve my workflow with the existing features: Having a unit containing multiple varispeed players constantly playing empty buffers. Then from the pedal looper -> copy to one of these empty buffers.

I’m still learning :wink:

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