Pedal Looper

It’s awesome, but let’s talk improvements ?

  • A speed control. Maybe two : one for octaves, one for pitch.
  • A loop duplicator : double the current buffer length by duplicating it’s content.
  • An option to monitor or not the incoming signal.
  • A way to copy the buffer to another unit (either the buffer appears in the sample pool, or “load from pedal looper” option for sample units.
  • A “restart” control to sync it with a trigger.
  • Same old thing, how to sync other stuff to a pedal looper ? A trigger at the end of the loop would be awesome, but i’m not sure how it will work.

i’ll add on this list the ability to further manipulate the loop…thanks for the looper! :hugs:

In other words, you don’t want a pedal looper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha. Don’t worry we will have loopers in various guises.


GIve the man time to catch his breath!! :grin:


really wish there was an option to not hear the incoming audio going into the looper? on the pedal looper or any other looper for that matter. i send audio into the loopers via an aux send from my mixer so i do not need to hear what i am recording though the 301. thx!

thanks brian for this great update!
a question regarding the pedal looper, i don’t quite understand the dry wet behavior, eg i only want to hear the looper, not the dry signal coming in, but i always hear it? do i misunderstand something?

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No. You are not misunderstanding. There is no wet/dry control. According to my research, pedal loopers don’t typically have wet/dry controls because if you do not want to hear yourself anymore you would just stop singing or playing your instrument.

To address your specific task, I think just putting a VCA in front of the your looper will do the trick?

just posted this same request in the other thread but +1 if this might be a possible option?

ah, ok…i think you’re right, a looper does just send the dry signal through all the time.
an vca with a toggle should do the trick. but maybe it would be good to have a dry wet control nonetheless, or if the record command would work like a gate, so dry signal only comes in if recording or overdubbing…

yes, kind of like how that new Magneto module from Strymon has separate wet/dry controls

I have a feeling that all the people who took one look at the pedal looper and thought “Where are all the features?!” (You know who you are! :japanese_ogre:) are thinking of something else…


Yes but the Magneto is not a pedal looper. :thinking:


Let’s it put it this way: the Pedal Looper unit is not supposed to be the ultimate cover-every-possible-situation looper. I designed it specifically for live performance looping, like when people overdub themselves singing or playing the guitar. I will build other loopers but they have to be task-oriented and NOT just a list of features.


fair enough then!

ja i agree and it makes sense if you look at it as a live performance tool where you input signals “by hand” and not just a costant stream of sound like i just did when testing the unit.
it’s a really great unit i have to say and i love how simple and well laid out you designed it!

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

You should have seen the 3 or 4 monstrosities I had designed on paper before I finally settled on this. :dizzy_face:


ja, i can imagine. but that’s really the strength of everything you do, a brilliant design of quite complex functions yet broken down into well thought through units and commands…not just on the 301 but also your work with the 101 and 102…i can never state this enough, your sequencer is the most brilliant digital design i have ever come across…sorry for derailing, back to the pedal looper!


It’s perfect the way it is. Simple and gets the job done. Thanks again.


Love the simplicity as well! Loop level would be nice, but it’s not necessary since you could build it in a custom unit if wanted.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to have multiple loopers being fed the same input, mainly so I can have several different loops going of different lengths. Since the input passes through, you start doubling the input signal. Would be nice to build, say a quad looper as a custom unit.

Any thoughts/ideas on the signal flow for something like that?

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you could just put four mixers in a chain in a channel and assign the input and looper in each mixer?