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Pedal Looper


That’s what I’ve done, but then you get four copies of the input signal coming through at the same time. Weird phasing stuff and it quadruples the signal


If you assign the input in each mixer individually (don’t assign an input for the entire channel) and you put the looper inside each mixer mixer, so you have four mixers in a row in a single channel, the signal will not pass out of one mixer+looper and into another mixer, the audio comes out of each mixer and gets passed to the output. I just tried it to confirm.


I think he’s saying you still end up with 4 outputs of the dry signal that way, not that they cascade into one another


Ahh I see now, yeah vca before the looper then


Yup! The VCA makes sense. Have it open when you press record for that channel. Will try that out.


alt looper idea:

sliced looper

parameters include:

• number of slices
• slice selector
• trig input for reset to current slice

when a new loop is created it is sliced evenly, allowing a loop to be quickly cut up and remixed. by default playback does not stop at end of slice. perhaps this can be a toggle option.

some of you will call this the mlr unit :wink:


Really grateful to have a pedal looper and loving it so far - gets so much right and it’s been on my wishlist for a long time. :slight_smile:

If there were enhancements, it would be fun to see these common loop pedal functions:

  • Reverse

  • Half Speed

  • Loop volume level

  • (minor) Option to begin overdubbing immediately after first record pass.


Can it be green like this one?






I love the simplicity of the looper. Now with the added ability to export the loops, it’s a great scratchpad. Along with the new clocking units, you can record loops in time. I plugged my bass in and cranked the preamp gain and was doing some funky loops. Fun stuff!


I want the the ultimate cover-every-possible-situation looper please :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue:


Pedal looper unit is amazing!!!

Also a big fan of its simplicity. Is there a way to get a pulse or some feedback from the looper’s end or starting point in order to base other sequencers on the improvised pedal timing? Maybe it’s feature request, but possibly there is another way of doing it?


+1! An end of loop pulse/trigger would be super useful.


I love this unit so much! Pedal Looper + Walk = :heart_eyes:


Need some advice about using the pedal looper with Walk. I have an momentary out from Walk patched into Gate 4. The problem that is as soon as I assign G4 to the “record” parameter the looper immediately goes into record. Is this normal behavior? I noticed this as well when I was using the old “looper” unit and when I would load a quick save with loopers they would all be running right away.


doesn’t work that way here. There’s a pulse on pedal push which starts recording but not on assignment.


May be obvious, but are you using the momentary out from walk, not toggle/latch?


This implies that your Walk is already outputting a high voltage when you assign G4. You should be able to see this in the scope.


Yep, you are then man once again! My pedal was switched to the wrong polarity which was outputting a high voltage :relieved: thanks all!


So is this feature really called ‘trails mode’?