Performance mode?

First many thanks OD for the latest update, I would have bought the ER310 just for 4 channels of long definable delay alone. The new menu system is also great.

Just throwing this out as a quick and dirty idea.

A performance mode, where certain buttons (M1- 6?) are locked out of their normal select functions and can be used as manual triggers, turn off effects, one shot sample activation, cycle through samples, cycle through effects turn on / off global chains, maybe even activate presets. Simple combinations using S1 s2 s3 could also increase the amount of triggers available.


Avoiding menu diving during live performance, non proliferation of equipment - not having to buy another piece of hardware to achieve a simple task. In fact there are no dedicated manual gate modules since the Doepfer’s A-164 demise.

I understand OD’s concept of the balanced ecosystem, however people are unpredictable, and use devices in different ways, often contrary to their designers original intentions. I am not of the ecosystem mindset at all, yet the ER301 is very useful to me. It contains many functions that are superfluous to my needs, it just requires a modicum of musical and compositional discipline to ignore them.

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interesting approach…

@Leon you might want to check this:

Thanks I missed that one!

It’s a great 301 companion module! And, not expensive either.


Just want to say that I’m not closed to these type of ideas but it will always be a stretch to think of the ER-301 interface as a performance interface.

That being said the upcoming scope mode will incorporate some summarizing features that will ameliorate these type of requests somewhat. I’ll be ready to talk about it once I get the first instantiation into everyone’s hands. In the meantime, please feel free to dream, rant and discuss!