Persistent Reset probs?

I’m still having issues with dropped pulses every few reset triggers, but I’m running 2.06/2.13

I notice there’s a F2.07 on list the but can’t find a link(?)

I’m using an OG Pam to send a x16 clock and a /16 reset. I’m not mutiplying or dividing the clock in the ER-101/2. The issue is manifesting in the same way vcoadsr described before.

Any help appreciated.

Your firmware version looks fine. What are you comparing against?

I have a percussive element being triggered by a x4 stream from one of the Pam outputs so I noticed it first against that.

What is an OG Pam?

Hehe… sorry, an original Pamela’s workout. :blush:

Is it possible to test without the Pamela’s Workout in the loop? Do you have a clock divider?

Also are you running the latest firmware on the PW?

I don’t have a clock divider around I’m afraid. (Unless there’s one in the Disting, I’ll check, don’t think so though) Yep running latest PW firmware.

I should say everything is totally rock solid until Reset gets involved. I can manually switch between parts with loops and there’s no problem until I start to use the Reset input. I think the PW is ok.

My goal is not to shirk responsibility and place blame on the PW. I’m trying to reduce variables and simplify. :sunglasses:

What is the simplest sequence on the ER-101 that will reproduce the problem? Does it have to involve parts?

There is not one labeled as such but you can use the Disting’s Clockable LFO algorithm for this purpose, Feed it your original clock in X, use output B for pulse waveshape, and set the multiplication/division with Z.

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Don’t worry mate, I know you’re no shirker. :slight_smile:

Just had a look and no, parts do not need to be involved for the timing to slip in the way described. If I reset a plain ol’ 101 pattern I get this slip every few triggers. Sounds very slight, like a pulse or two out, but then resolves a trigger or two later.

Ah sweet. Just realised I can use the Game System as a clock divider too. It’s right in the middle of my patch though! Good job Disting’s free… :smile_cat:

have you tried adjusting the Pamelas Gate length used for your reset? Sometimes they run a bit long and it was problematic with some other euro modules until I made that adjustment. Especially if you’re sending 16th notes. Maybe the Lo/Hi is too close together running that quick.

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Yeah I’ve had stuff be a little fussy with Pamela too, but the gate length doesn’t seem to help and the reset clock is divided right down so the pulses are miles apart really.

So I’ve had a little look on the scope and I can actually see the triggers dropping out if I send gates out at clock speed.

I have a x16 clock pulse from Pamela, mult to o’tool channel 1.

Then I have a 4 step pattern from ER-101/102 throwing out gates of 1 with a duration of 1 going to o’tool channel 2.

With no reset signal, perfect sync is achieved.

Introducing a x1 reset trigger signal, the problem manifests and it seems no more than 4 or 5 reset pulses will pass without a pulse being dropped. Dropped pulses seem to be random within that range.

I can make a little video if that helps?

Thanks for everybody’s help with this!

Can you change your test to gates of 1 with a duration 2 please?

OK just tested with gate=1 and duration=2.

Observed the same dropped triggers.

Just to confirm you are using 16x clock and 1x reset, so the ER-101 resets every 16 pulses or 8 steps? What happens if you use the external clock as your reset instead of the 1x from PW?

In case you are wondering, I’m trying to find the arrangement where it starts working for you that way we can bracket the problem: scenario A it works, scenario B it doesn’t, so somewhere in between is the problem.


Still happening if I mult the clock, divide it down and use that to reset.

Very late here now, so I’ll try again tomorrow with some fresh snapshots and stuff, but so far I don’t think I’ve come across a state where I can use reset reliably.

Thanks for your help with this!

This didn’t make sense to me. To replicate your 16x/1x setup you would just plug your external clock (instead of the 1x from PW) directly into the reset on the ER-101, no?