Phase modulation sampler?

hello good people!
i just noticed that both assimil8r and morphagene are able to perform phase modulation on samples, i totally missed this feature when reading about both modules.
i think i never tried this (are you aware of virtual samplers that are able to do it?) and i’m very curious about the results.
do you think it is something we might achieve inside the 301?
has it already been done and i missed it?
thanks for any info!


hmmm so you are saying that to achieve this i just use linear frequency modulation but with some dc filtering?
or that speed control is in fact phase control of a ramp that “reads” the sample?
perhaps the answer is very simple and i’m just overcomplicating it in my head :smiley:
anyway, thanks!

I think we are on the same page :wink:

I would describe it as:

Phase is position.
The derivative of position is speed.
A high-pass filter calculates the derivative of its input.
The cutoff of the HPF sets the window size of the derivative calculation.

Therefore, HPF(phase) = speed. How much of the sample a -10V to 10V phase signal covers is set by the modulation gain on the speed control.


aaah wow! this is eye opening, thanks!