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Piano16 - 88 Note Piano Sample Custom Unit



Short little atonal piece using your Custom Unit and the monome anisble arc & grid.Thanks!


Excellent - thanks for sharing @david_rothbaum :smiley:

I’m amazed, I never thought modular would sound like this!


Thank you! The possibilities of this module are pretty staggering. I love the work flow, so nice to be able to achieve things normally only available on the computer in the modular/hardware environment.


Played around with this today, very cool

what’s the time between hits? is it 3 seconds?

Did you set up a midi file for it?


Yes - 3 seconds - @Joe did the sample file so not sure, but I think so!!


Yes, just a MIDI file I made in the MIDI editor in studio one. I can export and post if it saves anyone time.


if only the 301 could record in the background :grinning:


Hey, I’m trying to load this custom unit and it’s failing without any real error. What I see when I try to load it, it spins for a moment like it’s pulling it up, then I see “Chain preset loaded: piano16.lua”, but the actual chain comes up empty, like nothing actually happened. I’m rocking firmware version 0.2.4. I figure it’s one of three things:

  1. My firmware is incompatible with this custom unit.
  2. There’s something different about my files, like the location that is causing a problem.
  3. User Error (fairly likely).

I used the download link from this thread to a Mac, and copied them over to the micro SD at the following locations:
ER-301/samples/Piano 88 Whole Notes 80 BPM.slc
ER-301/samples/Piano 88 Whole Notes 80 BPM.wav

Any ideas? It’s a little hard to troubleshoot as I have no discernible error to work from. Thanks!


That file is a Custom Unit preset, not a chain preset. So you would insert a custom unit and then use its Load Preset command to load the preset.

This UX is awkward at the moment and slated for a revamp.


Whoops, that was it! I’m still very new at this, so sorry about that. Thank you.


Exactly! I’ve been poking around modular for quite a while now, and I’ve always been bothered by the fact that the sounds that I’ve heard predominately are so stuck in a particular vain. This module in many ways seems like the missing key to truly unlocking some untapped potential in the modular realm!

Fantastic job on this unit as well!



I’m having the same problem.

Am definitely loading into a custom unit and have the file structure the same as yours.

How did you fix this?


Sorry, to be more specific. When I load nothing happens. I am using Firmware 2.14 and have the same file structure as was posted above.


Ever since the 12TET slice addressing mode was added to the Sample Player, this custom unit is no longer really necessary. Just insert a Sample Player unit, load and assign the Piano 88 Whole Notes 80 BPM.wav to it, and make sure to set the addressing mode to 12TET. Also make sure the Piano 88 Whole Notes 80 BPM.slc (slice data) is in the same folder as the wav file.


Cool, thanks.


Finally got around to trying this. I used the new method (12TET), and used an Endorphins Shuttle Control which outputs -5 to 5V for 10 octaves.

I found that an offset of 0.5 worked well to adjust for the negative voltages. A gain of 1.0 on the slice parameter sometimes resulted in the same note triggering adjacent slices. A gain of 0.999 made it work perfectly.

Does that mean I need to calibrate my Shuttle Control?


No not necessarily. I’m guessing the transition between two adjacent semitones is coinciding between the selector (Shuttle Control) and the selectee (ER-301). Try putting the gain back to 1.0 and setting the offset to either 0.5 - 0.1/24 or 0.5 + 0.1/24. In other words, offset by (about) half of a semitone in either direction.

This is a version of the two quantizers in a row problem that many eventually encounter in the world of modular.


Hello there :slight_smile:
received an ER 301 yesterday. Just wanna make sure I do the right thing here and not overcomplicated it:
I loaded the piano sample with slices, all good.
I found it tracks perfectly with my ER 101 when I have the gain (of the slice) at (around) 0.948. and the bias at 0.038

I assume it’s the ratio between ER 101 outputs V and ER 301 inputs V.
Am I right here?
Will do my Maths later. (I hate Maths! :smiley: )

Amazing ‘module’ and amazing community! :hugs:


Hello and Welcome :wink:

Just to confirm. You are using the 12TET addressing mode that was introduced after this custom unit was created?


Hello Brian!
Yes indeed. I’m using the 12TET. (and 301 updated).