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Piano16 - 88 Note Piano Sample Custom Unit



A gain of 1.0 and a bias of 0.0 should be the correct values. What behavior are you seeing that is making you believe this setting is not tracking?


If I set up the gain at 0.948. and the bias at 0.038 I have a perfect tracking overall octaves.
1.C.00 (from ER 101)=C1 note (from ER 301 outputs)
6.C.00=C6 note.

Tracking is not good when I set my gain at 1. and Bias at 0.
If I send a “1.C.00” I have a A1 note.
6.C.00= C6 note.

I use Ableton tuner + frequency analyzer.



Are you sure your ears agree with the Ableton tuner? For example, it might be really hard for a tuner to measure the C1 note on a piano. That is just a guess though.

I’m listening to it this now and 0.948/0.038 definitely sounds off when I play octaves up the keyboard.

gain = 1.0
bias = 0.0

gain = 0.948
bias = 0.038

(Both sequences are playing 8 octaves from 0.C00 to 7.C00 on the ER-101.)


Oh I forgot to ask: Which input on the ER-301 are you using? Only the ABCD inputs can be used for 1V/oct.


Ahhhhhh. I was using the “IN” inputs…!
Gonna re-do it!



That would do it! :laughing: Sorry. I should have asked that first.

The IN inputs are meant for audio and CV signals that do NOT need precise calibration. The ABCD inputs are meant for precisely calibrated CV inputs.

Overview of the panel jacks:


All good now. :rofl:

Thanks a lot! Will do my homework and read/test everything!


Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. The ER-301 (and especially its documentation) is a work-in-progress.


Will do!
I’m really impressed by the work flow. Very easy to “get”.


Hey there!
very very new to the ER-301,
I’m wondering how you guys achieve polyphony, is it via ansible or something like that,
I don’t know the protocol it uses.
What choices do I have to do an amazing atonal piece like david rothbaum?

Thanks for your inputs

Off topic, noob question, sorry,
where do I put lua’s files on the sd card?
Libs, v0.3? my own library?

Thanks a lot


Which lua files are you referring to?

FYI, I would not recommend playing with custom units until you have familiarized yourself with the ER-301 by working with simpler patches. For example this walkthrough (by @kel):


This tutorial (by @Joe) describes how a polyphonic patch is achieved on the ER-301 using a drum rack as an example:


However, controlling each voice requires you to provide a separate trigger (and pitch CV if your voices are pitched) for each voice.


Many thanks Brian for this fast answer!
You’re right, lack of patience here.


if you plan to use a midi keyboard i suggest expert sleepers fh-1 with or without expanders or the newer fh-2. it wokrs only with usb-midi devices but very very flexible. without expanders you can have 4 voices poly. with expanders you can have an awful lot of voices!
the fh-1 or fh-2 are imho better than good midi to cv devices paired with the 301 because they are very flexible and polymorphic: without the need to change settings you can use them with a keyboard for poly action in one patch, with a usb midi controller to control parameters on the 301 in another, with a usb mouse and usb gamepad in other circumstances or all of them together via an usb hub!!! really perfect match for the er-301