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Always great to see how people organize their systems.
Perhaps we can share images of O|D devices in the context of our sound making objects?


Here’s my current setup with my O | D arsenal :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve since switched the positions of Benjolin and Batumi, because the latter’s LEDs kept bleeding high frequencies into the Pittsburgh Mix/mult.


do you have a youtube channel?

yeah, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/user/vcoadsr/videos

And here’s a youtube playlist of my recent Modular Workouts that predominantly use the dual ER101/102 and ER301 combo: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZB6SzDpPqJNDZ1ReXPeavJWNq8kF9jsD

(Note: As it happens the first in the playlist was from late last year but the rest feature O | D stuff heavily).


rad, just subscribed. very curious about the dual 101/102



The top Er101/102 is for drum sequencing (kick, HH, Basimilus Iteritas & Pixo drums).
The bottom ER101/102 is for sequencing my main synth voice (composed of a Loquelic Iteritas, Chord Organ & Sinc Iter running through a wasp filter) and two stereo channels in the ER301.
Both ER101s are being clocked using Pamela’s new work out as the master which is also syncing two other PNWs for modulation duties all over the modular.

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Here are a couple of short videos I did of some experiments using the Expressiveé Touché controller.
These were based around samples playing on the ER-301, with the Touché controlling a few different
parameters in the modular. The audio quality suffers a bit at the hands of Instagram compression,
but the idea hopefully comes across.


Wow! What a work space, those Gen’s look serious.


Yeah they’re pretty big. That was the core reason why I asked Brian for a level trim on the Sin Unit, as 15Hz literally shook/brown noted the room! :slight_smile:


Cool and impressive space Neil!

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Going octaphonic @odevices !!


oh my!
2x301 is amazing.
But 4xFrames!?
Crazy setup!
Can you share some thoughts on your layout and system architecture?
Just really curious about your approach.

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Sure! Ask me anything you want to know :slight_smile:

Did you know frames can be an automated quad:
• Lfo
• Vca
• Framable Mixer
• Euclidian Sequencer
• Pitch Reqister Sequencer
• Drum Sequencer
• Multiple 4 > 1
• Multiple 1 > 4

@odevices Got the doepfer cases on the deal i made for the second er301. Will the 200mA cases cause problems against the 300mA Er301 usage? It works fine i must say.

Yes! LOVE this module! It’s seems to be a mystery to a lot of people.

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Wait - the power is rated for 200mA?

If the 301 used 300ma you absolutely need a bigger power supply. Otherwise, you’re stressing your supply to the max… which will mean it with either die quickly, or lower the voltage to the modules. Neither of these are a good scenario! I’m surprised there’s no overload protection if it really is only 200ma.