Piezo to er301

Hello boys ‘n’ girls. Does anybody have some experience with hooking up piezo elements to the 301? We need trigger and velocity information from some piezo pads…

No, not exactly. I remember helping someone with some signal conditioning on the ER301 with a device that was popular with the Eurorack crowd for a while. Can’t remember the brand name, but it was a tap trigger gizmo that produced kind of a noisy signal. I tried to find the thread, but have you ever tried searching this forum for the word ‘trigger’ lol?

Anyway, VCAs for gain staging (plus the analog gains available in settings) and envelope followers for de-noising the signal, probably into some kind of EG to get a final clean trigger. Velocity might just be envelope follower(s) into a S&H triggered by your other trigger chain, with whatever gain staging you need.

I know that’s pretty vague. Maybe it’s at least some ideas to get started with. I think those are the units that will help you condition the signals. Will prob take a lot of tweaking to get it just so.

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I use a Befaco Instrument Interface for this purpose from time to time. Works perfectly.

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Thank you for your valuable information! There’s one question to which @odevices might have the ultimate answer to. I.e. Is it safe to directly connect piezo elements to the er-301? (my guesstimate would be yes. But i’d rather not guess at this point)

the only danger i’m aware of is that piezos can produce very high voltages sometimes, but for a very very short time… i plugged them into various eurorack modules directly and never had issues, but i think i never did it with the er-301 particularly… because at some point i started plugging the piezo in a mixer before sending its signal to any module. i’m not sure but i think that might be a way to stay safe (don’t think that very short spike of high voltage is able to pass thru all the analog circuitry of an analog mixer channel intact but i might be wrong…) anyway, passing it thru a mixer never caused any noticeable harm to any of my modules, 301 included.

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Landscape AllFlesh?

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That was it!

I love the 4ms percussion interface for piezo (or traditional microphones). There is a lot of utility and functionality built in and is simple to dial in useful values for all kinds of use cases.