Pingpong on Variable Sample Player

Is there any easy way to make samples slices playback in pingpong mode oh a Variable Speed Player?


maybe this is helpful ?


Just thinking out loud but perhaps you could whip something up with the Accents Motion Sensor. You could route whatever is addressing the slice parameter to the motion sensor and route the motion sensor (in toggle mode) to a mixer pan.

Edit: just tried this and it works pretty well. Placed player inside mixer and routed a CV to both the slice parameter and the mixer’s pan chain. After the CV in of the pan chain I placed a Motion Sensor and set Pan Bias to -1 and Gain to 2. Had to tweak the motion sensor a bit to get it right since my CV was smooth fluctuation. It works a lot better with a Grid Quantizer between the CV and Motion Sensor in that case, with the number of steps set to the same number of slices you have.


I get the feeling that pingpong is leading us to probably fruitful misunderstandings? :joy:
So far I ‘made up’ the following meanings…

  1. Ping pong regarding solely the slice parameter. I.e. playing a sliced up file beginning with the most left slice, working through the sample slices to the right, and back again.
  2. Ping pong regarding the play head movement on any given slice,
    I.e. DJ scratching style
  3. Ping pong regarding the sonic movement of slices in a stereo field.

So in this insentience, I was actually thinking about playing slices as a pingpong playhead, moving only within the slice.

I guess the DJ Scratching is the most appropriate concept on that. I have a sample set that I created in which it is a single timbre the spread out as a scale. Thus, I would prefer it to have pingpong back and forth in these roughly 1 second slices.

Makes sense. Till now we don’t have a solution out of the box, well, other than the custom unit I posted in the thread that @syncprop already suggested.
In fact I had so much fun with it that I thought about asking our trusted middle layer engineers to have e take on it. Maybe @Joe Would like to cast it into an accents thingie. But I figured it might be worth waiting until @odevices shows us his latest wizardry…

@mopoco im also super happy with your Custom unit, as this is exactly what the 301 was missing for me: a little bit more freedom of controlling the slice play option in relation to the running sequence now is possible.

it would be so Great if some LUA Programmer would make this a Little more user friendly and tighter.

maybe @tomf jumps on that train his sloop is in my opinion one of the most useful units in terms of Sampling. it makes life so much easier.

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Hm I’ve been following the thread but Im still not sure I really understand what’s going on :slight_smile:

If you want stereo ping pong one other simple idea is to use a counter from 1 to 2 (or 0 to 1) with a gain and offset that maps it to -1 to 1. Then just tie your gate to the counter et voila.

Something like that wouldn’t really need the middle layer since it’s already accomplished with just a single unit, so any perf benefit would be minimal.

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This is a lot of effort for what is a somewhat standard operation on many variable speed samplers elsewhere. I just figured that its a pretty boilerplate playback method and would be great for continuing to bring things like chords and other types of interesting, steady samples in to the rack for playback and Euro style modulation. To set up a whole chain like this gets a little wonky, especially if I want to then modulate some of those parameters you just mentioned.


as mentioned here : Pingpong on Variable Sample Player
there was a misunderstanding of the ping pong term.
mopoco did a custom unit solution : Breakbeat functionality of Sample units (Looping the end of a slice in reverse)

for the ping pong slice Playback thing. thats what we have in mind.
it would be so nice to have this unit somehow a little bit more user friendly Lua programmed

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Mm I’ll have to check it out, it’s kinda surprising the vari-speed player doesn’t already support this with the loop points. I just tried to get that working but wasn’t able to figure it out. Another close candidate is the manual loops but it doesn’t have a slice index exposed.

I patched up the idea with the counter flipping the playback speed from 1 to -1 which essentially works, just trying to figure out what kind of unit could support this short of completely remaking the vari-speed player.