Pinning unit bypass in hold mode

Thought I’d post this while I search the forum for clues, and do some experiments…

Are there any tricks for pinning units in hold mode (or something else) to enable quick bypass / enable?

I’m dropping various fx units after some sample players and would like to be able to toggle them on and off quickly.

Hold mode seems perfect for this but I couldn’t see an obvious approach.

Note that the fx units don’t have their own dry/wet mix or other level controls, and I was trying to not use additional mixers.

AFAIK bypass cannot be automated, so you’ll have to use a VCA on each one. Check out this thread

Edit: one technique you might want to try is to put your effects in global chains as sends, then automate the sent amount.

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How do you send to them? Till now, I only used global chains as sources…

True, for that approach your options are to make your sound sources into global chains as well (and mix them together on another chain) or use the 1,2,3,4 outs as global sends which is a bit more limited.

If your vcas are in a global chain you can’t use pins, but in a stereo-linked 3+4 out you could.

On the other hand you could do all of this inside a single chain using mixers which is probably the easiest way to go.

Edit: It’s actually possible to make a little unit to simplify this: Send that just passes it’s input through but has a vca inside to adjust the send level, then you hook into the vca output to get the sent signal.0002
send-proto.pkg (1.5 KB)
Could be a good candidate for a middle layer unit to make life simpler.

That’s what I was thinking too.

I want to spend a little more time digging around to see what options I have already, but I may use this as a way to get my feet wet with the SDK.

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Nice! The next point release of the firmware will include a way to output an internal signal in the scope view (without including it in the main view) ala the Sloop reset output which would be perfect for this.