Pitch CV bleed?

Not sure how to word this, but ill give it a shot

I made a couple sequences with the 101, where I had some pretty hard quarter notes playing ala hardstyle. anyways, I noticed when I increased the decay on my EG leading to my VCA, I would hear extra notes playing in-between steps. this is tough because I only wanted to hear the notes that I assigned, but kept hearing unwanted notes.

I used to own a Stillson Hammer Mk2, and they had a feature called gate tie mode, which made it so that pitch CV wouldnt send until it received a gate. in this case, its exactly what I need to keep these extra notes from playing

is there a setting that I’m missing? I don’t recall this happening before, but yeah, its a tough workaround haha

I can’t say about the er-101 specifically, as I don’t have one, but I solve this problem with sample and hold. Just trigger the s&h on note onset and you won’t get any of the in-between pitches.

Are you using the gate from the ER-101 to drive your envelope generator? Or at the very least using a gate derived from the same clock that is driving the ER-101?

I think a short audio example will help get your point across.

I was feeding the 101 gates into a divkid mutes, then into the EG. May be the culprit? I’ve done it this way before with no issue though.

I’ll sit down with it and get some audio examples of it in a sec here

Take it temporarily out of the loop and see. Faster than asking me. :wink:

Are you using an ER-102 at all? I’ve noticed some unexpected (by me) behaviors if CV controlling step or gate length based on the step or gate value programmed.

I took the divkid mutes out of the patch, still seems to bleed a little. As I turn up the envelope there seems to be extra notes playing even though the gate is off. Tricky! and no I don’t have a 102 haha

Are you expecting the ER-101 to hold the previous step’s CV when the current step’s gate is assigned to zero? If so, it does not do that. The CV continues to change according to each step regardless of what the gate output is doing.

By the way, I sense that you may be coming from a MIDI background (note on/off) to this CV/gate environment. If so, you may have to kind of reprogram your brain a little. If not, never mind the suggestion then. :sweat_smile:

ooooh okay cool, I for some reason thought that the gate and pitch values danced around the idea that a 0 gate value wouldn’t generate a pitch. good to know! this will sway me into properly learning its behaviors

and yes, I am more familiar with the midi world so my perceptions on the modular stuff is still new haha. okay I can breathe a little, I was fearful that something was wrong with my unit, phew

and it makes sense, I actually haven’t messed around with 0 gate values before, so I wasn’t aware of its behavior. gotta keep messing with the unit to fully understand it!

It’s a common misconception so don’t feel alone. In general, you can hold a CV (*) so that it does not change its value but you cannot “turn it off”. Like water pressure through a hose, there is always an analog value (i.e. voltage) there.

(*) This operation is called Sample-and-Hold in the modular world. There are modules that exist exactly for this purpose. By the way, the ER-102 does add this capability to the ER-101’s CV outputs but the standalone ER-101 does not have it.

I’ll have to be on the lookout for an ER-102 then! Sounds like it’ll help immensely.
Thanks for the clarifications, really came through haha, thought I was going crazy here