Pitch display as notes?

I wonder if the value for pitch could be (or also be) displayed as a note. I feel like once the osc is tuned, it would be a lot faster to make adjustments by settin a note, than scrolling to 3500.

Maybe I just need more practice. :sweat_smile:

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This doesn’t really work though, because pitch intervals are not notes.

Yeah, i guess i just wish there was an a way to see that “this osc is currently set to/is playing : f#3”. Or to set it to f#3, by scrolling through notes. Maybe i am better off describing the situation that lead to the question, instead a asking for the wrong solution haha.

The situation for this was that i was having a trigger play a few different, pre-defined, notes. Going in and setting up, then later playing around with different notes and adjusting the different osc pitches — i was thinking man this would be nice or more simple (for me) if I could just set the notes.

Maybe just my own lack or knowledge! :slight_smile: — like i should know the pitch values better!

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Maybe something like when the value reaches the note a parenthesis next to the number lights (comes) up…
440hz (A4),


Yes something like that would do the trick.

Hmm. That’s true. Note values do make sense over on the f0 display. At the moment, I’m not sure how I would find room …

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