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Pitch tracking issue with Keystep 32

finally had a keystep 32 and connecting it to a sin osc. Setting the pitch out to v/oct to one of the A,B,C,D inputs.
v/o=0cents, f0=130.81
I only get an octave range from lets say, c3,d3,e3…c4 and d4,e4,f4 and g4. After g4 no change in the pitch. I’m sure i should be hearing more than that. Any ideas?

@cavidim I got your email, I’ll reply here instead.

It sounds like you have everything on the ER-301 setup correctly. Can you verify the voltage coming out of your keystep? Voltmeter or the ER-301 scope should at least confirm that you are getting more than the 1.5V that your description is implying.

By the way, I would normally expect you to verify such a thing before asking me to debug your situation. :bowing_man:

yes you are right but actually i did search before asking and i couldn’t get to a point becasue, all my other oscilators have no problem with the octave range (c1-c6)
On the er-301 it lets me only use 1 and a half octave.
voltage coming out of the keyboard shows the regular values (c3= 2V, c4=3V etc…)

What happens when you use a different voltage source?

I tried with digitone (through yarns) and basically got a very similar result.

May I have you save a chain preset and place it here please?

octave_issue.chain (2.6 KB)

Looks fine and works fine here. I assume you are using A1 as your pitch voltage input? What happens on the ER-301 scope when your pitch voltage oscillates from 0V to 5V? Does the value reach the first line?


It definitely does not reach the first line.And on the keystep i have to press the transpose (oct-) button 3 times in order to get the first pitch, otherwise there is no movement.

What do you mean by “first pitch”?

Also, could you repeat your test with A3 please?

Wow i tried with A3 and all is good now :blush:, i first thought i was going insane. So u think my A1 input has a problem ?.

IN1-4 and A1,B1,C1,D1 are all read by one ADC chip, while A2+3,B2+3,C2+3,D2+3 are all read by another ADC chip. So it could be something wrong with the first ADC chip. It would help to know which inputs are showing the behavior.

When you were performing your tests, did you have any other cables connected to your ER-301?

other than a1, i had only output ch1 going to the mixer, no other cable.
Now i tried all of the ABCD inputs, A1 seems to be the only problematic one.

Hmm…did you have any non-Eurorack gear attached to A1 recently?

not really, is there any way to fix it on my side

Hard to say without more testing with the panel off.

Thank you @odevices for helping me out to find the problem. I guess i will have to go on without using A1 for a while, in the future i may look for some other options.

Also i just realized that the green led comes out from A1 is not bright as the others ( if it is going to help to find out the problem)

The best option is to send your module to me for analysis. My best guess is that integrated opamp that controls the gain of the A1 channel has been damaged.