Pitchchange when gate is set to zero

When using sounds with a long release i can hear pitch change even though gate is set to zero - for example: when i want to have insert a rest step between two notes. Is there a workaround ? Thanks.

This it normal behaviour: Because of the long release the VCA is still open while the VCO follows the pitch change of the next step.

But I agree that it would be awesome to disable pitch changes for “rest steps”, so that CV A would only change on steps with nonzero Duration. This way it would be possible to start a Pattern with “muted” steps without caring about their CV A values. Would it be possible to add an option for this behaviour?
Or even more flexible: an option for each individual step? (For instance: a negative Duration value = no CV A change.)

Varigate 8 has got an option for this. From the V8 manual: “CV LINK MODE: You can tie a CV channel to a corresponding gate channel. In this mode the CV channel is only progressed when a gate on the linked channel is active”. Would be awesome to be able to do this on the Er-101.

How about setting the rest step CV to the same value as the previous non-rest step?

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I really found the need for a better solution, when I created a pattern with 16-64 steps, where the cv values are being randomised, and only a few notes fires in the pattern, but different places in the pattern in each cycle. I would hear the random notes change as the cv-changes randomly, also the places where gates are not being fired.

That makes sense. I’ll put it on the list. If I can’t find a non-disruptive place in the UI then it will end up in the CONFIG.INI.

FYI, since I prefer to spend time on things that differentiate me from others (see name of business), it is actually very demotivating to mention that the same option is available in another product. On the flip side, hearing war stories about how this or that affects your craft is highly motivating. :wink:


You can do this by putting a sample and hold between the cv out and the Osc, with the sample triggered by the gate but I would also like this as an option within the 101. :slight_smile:

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Am guessing it would need to be in the track settings somewhere but am not sure where you could stick it.

track settings would be awesome :+1:

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What about four modes for each cv (pitch,volt,pitch held and volt held) , rather than two we have?

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Would love to see this feature in the Er101 - missing it daily. Any updates ? Thanks.

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Nothing to report yet. :bowing_man:

Hey Brian, any news on this feature ? Thanks.

Tommy, have you considered using a sample and hold module to achieve this?

You can get 4 S&H channels in 4HP if you use the 2hp units.

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No I have not. I would prefer to have the option in the sequencer as suggested above.

Having a preference is fine but you might want to recalibrate your expectations on how fast a developer is likely to incorporate a suggested feature. The list is long; the day is short!

Not sure I have a preference - other that I heard from other OD users, that OD firmware updates are done often. For such a precise sequencer this function is vital IMO and would make this awesome sequencer even better.

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I agree with you this new feature would be awesome on a next upgrade firmware but I think Brian is fully focus on the ER301 at the moment and it would take times for him to properly rework on the 101.
However I hope he will get back on the 101 firmware later !


This has been added for ER-102 users in v2.22:

  • ENHANCED: Held Steps > Steps can be individually set to hold their track’s previously output CV-A or CV-B value. Simply, set the CV-A or CV-B parameter to Hold(Hd) by decrementing further past zero.

Thanks for the update Brian:+1:I did not understand this “by decrementing further past zero” ?