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apology if this has been asked or discussed before, i can’t find anything, here’s my question:
is there a way to play through a sliced sample with a gate/trigger only? eg a way to tell the player to move through the slices without cv selection? i imagine this would be a good feature to have in the option menue of the player, something like move forward, backwards, random maybe. i’m well aware that i can choose my slices or sequence them, but i thought i’d ask anyway. thanks

Have you had a look at the Counter unit?

obviously not…sorry, i need to catch up with these units!
thanks brian

No problem at all. Report back if you encounter any obstacles.

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My sample is a voice recording counting up to four (1,2,3,4), so there are four slices.
What i did

Insert a count unit into the slice sub-chain of a Sample Player that is set to 12TET addressing mode.
Assign the count>trig sub-chain’s source to your incoming trigger.
Assign the Sample Player>trig sub-chain’s source to your incoming trigger.
Set the Sample Player>slice gain to 1.0.

slice set to: 0 (gain:1)
and counter parameters, step:3, finish:3 and start:0
and reset every 4 triggers.

What i get is only the first and the fourth slices get triggered repeatedly, what i want is simply trigger the next slice ?

In your case, the slice gain should be 1/4 or 0.25. Let me know if you don’t understand why.

Oh wait. I was assuming you are using the index addressing mode. In the case that you are using 12TET, then your gain should be 1/12 or 0.083 (or at least close to that).

The key is to realize that the counter is literally outputting the values 0, 1, 2, 3, 0, 1, 2, 3…

i am in index mode now and set slice gain to: 0.25, still can’t get it.
i uploaded the video

You have step=3 which means the count will increment by 3 on each trigger. You should set step=1.

Thanks, i got it! and i had to set the gain (in the counter unit) to 2.0