Play sample from sample pool/sample editor

Quick question:

Is it possible to play the sample while editing it in the sample pool editor (you know the one I love, the one that lets you trim normalize, fade out, stuff like that), and if so, how? I had to assign sample to player and play from there, but seems a little backwards…

I think, I tried all possible button combinations, am I out of luck?

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Request noted, but yeah you are out of luck for now.


Ok, thanks! Would be awesome!

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Is it correct that the ‘play/pause’ button is there, but doesn’t do anything? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hello everyone,
Maybe I miss something, as I´m still very new to the ER-301.
Is there still no possibility of “live” slicing recorded samples - listen to a user defined audio area, adjust it to own taste and then cut the rest or copy the defined area into a new sample?
Only found the way to “blind” - only SEEING the waveform - cut off audio, save it and reload it in a sample player. Of course I wouldn´t be able to cut it exactly where I want it to be cutted. Also this wouldn´t be a intuitive workflow if you always have to switch between the sample pool editor and sample player unit to listen. I must miss something. There is a Play-Button in the sample pool editor, but I can´t initiate to play the sample - also read another thread about this problem (6 track recorder help), but there was no description of solving it. Whats the solution?
Thanks to anyone!

EDIT: Just found the “Edit Buffer” - Button in Vari-Speed-Player! Seems to do exactly what I´m searching for!