Play sample from various positions

Hi, what is the best way to have a sample played from various random positions? I would like to use the Zadar for input. Maybe even have som curve decide which slice to play if that is easier. It is a fairly long sample and I want it to be triggered from different positions.

You can insert slice points across a sample. You can even apply. Voltage parameters across a sample. I think sample scanner can determine which input voltage references each slice position.

Yes, it’s all possible. Perhaps if you research a bit more details pertaining to sample scanner, bump scanner and take a look at the detailed threads, you will find all the knowledge you seek. Good luck

Also, have a look at the ‘manual loops’ thread. That discussion might be more rewarding than the others suggested.

Thanks! Will look into this:)

Did not know you had to set the sampler to Slice in Playback Options/Play Extent:)
Now running the gate from Pams Workout and the CV for slices from Zadar = PERFECT.

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Yes. I’ve been using the clocked stretch this last few days and am impressed with all the options in the menu.

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