Playing a long liveset with the ER-101 (without 102)

I love my ER-101! I play a lot live, always with the 101/102 combo, but… my case is very small (and convenient). For my new live set I think about ditching the 102 because I only use it to make preset patterns and reset points for those patterns nothing more… so I thought why dont I try to use only the 101 and use the extra hp for other modules… the live set is coming along really well and I know the things that are not possible without 102 like the reset is not working like I want it (reset the looping pattern) and I cant go a pattern back and when I want to listen to a pattern when working on it I need to listen to all the previous patterns before getting to the pattern i am working on (looping pattern). Is anyone playing a liveset with only the 101 as main sequencer? How do you approach it? At the moment I just loop the pattern and when I want to go further in the liveset I loop the next pattern per track. That is working well and when you program it smart you dont really need the 102…
Just want to know your workflow, maybe i oversee something that is convenient for the workflow with only the er-101. Thanks

ill buy your 102! :slight_smile: