Polygon v1.0.0 - Polyphonic Dual Oscillator Synthesizer

Hello all, I’m happy to announce Polygon v1.0.0


This is a polyphonic, dual oscillator synthesizer for the ER-301 written in the DSP layer, a big step up from my earlier adventures in the middle layer. The package comes with three units:

  • 4 voice (4-tet): 11% CPU
  • 8 voice (8-tet): 17% CPU
  • 12 voice (12-tet): 23% CPU

These are all natively stereo, and (if nothing else) can make for a great simple synth on the fly.

Really though there are many applications for using Polygon:

  • Playing chords
  • As a 1 - 12 step sequencer
  • Generating melodies
  • Weird sound effects (the filter has crazy resonance)
  • Relaxing pads
  • etc!

ER-301 Hub
polygon-1.0.0.pkg (100.6 KB)


Looks amazing @tomf ! Thank you for this. Pretty impressive how much you can squeeze out of the 301’s CPU when you go full low level. Like what you’ve done with the UI here too. A lot of control in a small space.


woohoo! congrats on v1!


out of curiosity, why is the word ‘tet’ used instead of ‘voice’?

I keep thinking of different tuning scales when I hear ‘tet’… ie: 12TET = Equal Temperament / 12 tone

But I’m assuming here, 12tet is 12 oscillators?

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Just a bit of whimsy, I wanted to name them Quartet, Octet, and… Duodecet?.. but that last one is a pretty weird word and doesn’t fit nicely on the screen. I can understand how it can be confusing, I think of it as tet = head, comme la tete en francais. Maybe I should have used “4-tete” instead.

So 12-tet has 12 voices and 24 oscillators.

Edit: There’s another fun trick, if you just want to play all 24 oscillators at once. Hold down the gate and set the round robin count to 12.

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Amazing work. I have some difficulty in accessing the parameters visible in the gate view

How so? To get to any of the sub pages press enter when the cursor is over the control, hope that helps!

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you’re unstoppable. Thank you.

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wow, this is beautiful and deep, a lot to discover clicking on parameters! amazing job thank you @tomf !!!

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