Polyphonic Multisample

I’d like a sample player in the er301 like this 8 voice polyphonic multisampler in the disting ex.

Is the only way to currently set this up to use 8 sample players loading up the same multisample sample sets on each and set up a sequential switch?

Is there’s a single (more convenient) poly multi sample unit planned?
*that could also support velocity switches? (different samples depending on a velocity cv as well as pitch)



I’d like something like this too but I’d be happy with 4 voices. I made a request on the bounty hunter page. If it looks like something you would like too you should back it so we can see it come to fruition.

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yes thanks! i see there is a Polyphonic sample player there but would like to see a Polyphonic Multisample player. bonus if it can load .sf2 soundfont files!
I just ordered the disting ex to for now just for this! :slightly_smiling_face:

@cosmicsoundexplorer I don’t think we have a breakout thread for the polyphonic sample player project yet? At least I haven’t listed it on the wanted page. Could be interesting to see what the ideas are. If multisampling and sf2 formats are feasible and so forth.


im just saying there is a Polyphonic sample player on the bounty hunter list

I added the project to the list. Probably this is too hefty a “feature” to tack on the original poly-sample player project so I it does deserve its own listing, but of course the project needs to start from scratch in this way. Let’s see how it goes!

I don’t think we do have a breakout thread for it yet but it is listed on the page.
I’m no coder but I feel this may be an easier project than I originally thought so I’m hoping someone will have a go.
Ive been looking into the Manual Grains Unit and it already has a max polyphony of 16!
The main issue for using Manual Grains in its current state is that it loops the sample. This occurs when you play the sample back at a higher pitch or set the duration past the original samples length. This made me think if it was possible to add sample playback parameters like the Varispeed Player allowing you to choose whether you want it to loop or play once would almost be enough to call it done.
Going further, there is an opportunity to enhance the unit to be even better as a polyphonic sample player.
The squash parameter is interesting as it goes from a cosine to square. It would be awesome to change that parameter to have a ramp up to cosine to square to ramp down.
The Duration and Squash parameter work together too so it could stay like that if we could get more shapes added or these parameters could become Attack and Decay.
Adding a tilt eq or lowpass would allow eq per grain (voice) which would be a great feature to automate dampening and brightening the sound.
Really hoping this is an easy tweak to the existing Manual Grains and we can have the Polyphonic Sample player ( PolyPlayer ) out in the wild sooner!


Another thing about manual grains is it would need to be tweeted to have a much longer grain length, some multisample sets such has pianos can have very long ring out tails in the samples.


What I’ve been doing it going into the duration parameter and editing the length.
But I do agree that the default duration should be extended maybe to around 5 seconds?

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maybe you have specific use cases in mind. There might be certain other ones that could benefit from having a modulateable start parameter?

I do like the idea of having a tilt eq for such a unit!
However, I’m not sure whether eq-ing in general could
be easily added after the poly unit or whether a built-in one
would sound or behave different?

You sure that 5 sec are enough? I think my favorite piano sounds
(I.e. the very low and sustained ones) will easily surpass that point in time…
Though it seems to me that depending on the desired number of polyphony and the resulting cpu stress the duration parameter will have to be restricted to a reasonable length. And 5 secs might just be that length?
Not sure whether it’s even feasible within one unit, but a setting could then restrict the polyphony in order to allow respectively longer duration times? Or will we rather need separate flavors of the unit? At least One for longer samples and one for shorter ones?

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So after I posted my thoughts on altering certain parameters in the Manual Grains I ended up playing with the start parameter and quickly realised removing it would be counter intuitive as its actually rather useful and I’ve edited my post to remove that request.

The benefit of a tilt eq or even just a lowpass filter inside the unit would allow eq per grain (voice) as the unit takes a snapshot of all parameters per trigger. This means you could modulate the eq to dampen higher notes or have different settings for each voice. Its non essential to the overall unit but definitely cool to have. Adding a filter after the unit could work in a pinch but would sound more paraphonic than polyphonic. Both have their place.

Im not sure if 5 sec would be long enough and have no idea how the cpu handles polyphony when duration is longer then 1sec but the manual states that polyphony is capped at 16. I guess its just worth trying it out and seeing what happens. I dont see too much of a issue if a longer duration meant less voices. Id be happy with 8.
If we were to change the Duration and Squash parameter to Attack and Decay then maybe we don’t even specify the duration and the unit just plays the length of the loaded sample?
This is where cpu may come into play regarding polyphony.
I think we could just have one unit unless the cpu dose end up restricting too many voices.
8-16 voices for sample under 10 sec and 4 voice for longer samples may work?

My biggest request is to have sample playback parameters added to the existing unit so I am able to disable sample looping. I think that would be the minimum to achieve a polyphonic sample player but of course a dedicated unit with the extra functions is the dream!

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Makes absolutely sense to me now!

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