Polyphonic one-shot playback of samples possible?

I currently have a .wav file with 32 drum sounds. They are sliced and I use a sequencer to create rhythms. Works great!

Is there any way to achieve one-shot type triggering where the slice will play through all the way even if the next slice is triggered?

Is there any way to achieve any sort of “choke group” type triggering but only with certain slices? As I said, I have 32 individual sounds, so I am hoping that I won’t need to create 32 players and mixers, etc like in the little “build a drum rack” example. Thanks!

The only general way to get polyphonic playback is by using multiple sample players. However, in certain cases, users have been able to satisfy their polyphonic needs with a Manual Grains which has a max grain polyphony of 16 for each instance.

By the way, 32 voices are probably not necessary. Why not first try 2 voices and alternate between them?

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Thanks Brian. I usually set my sequencer to 1/16th notes so every other would get me at 1/8th notes. Is there a way to do 4 voices and have them switch like that? That would get me to 1/4 notes and I think I’d be pretty good with the overlap.

That Manual Grains looks interesting! I’ll try that out as well.
EDIT: Ah, but you can’t slice with Manual Grains?

No but you can get around it with some creativity with your sequencer.

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Forgive me, but I’m trying to figure out how to set up 2 raw players that are receiving the same sequencer but are only responding to every other note of the sequencer. I see there is a Counter Unit. Is this somehow used in order to create a switch? Any chance you could point me to how to build a switch in the er301? Thank you!

They key idea is to set the threshold parameter on each player’s trigger progressively higher. Then you hit them all with a signal coming from a Counter unit that is counting up. As the counting signal passes through each threshold, the player is triggered. Proper setting of gains and counting range are left as an exercise.

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hmm…wouldn’t that trigger previous players with lower thresholds? Or are those thresholds dynamically going up every time they are triggered?

No and no. I’m not sure where your misunderstanding arises, but perhaps you are not imagining the output of a Counter unit correctly? It is a stair-case that progresses up and then resets to zero every N triggers.

Fair enough. It’s late here. I haven’t spent any time with the counter yet-just reading over the wiki about it. A nights sleep away from it will help my mind sort it out.

I was thinking of the counter as being like a gate with progressively higher voltage, but always returning to 0. That’s why I was thinking it would trigger previous players on the way up to a higher voltage. I think I’m understanding that as it counts it stays above previous thresholds and so doesn’t trigger earlier players. Is that correct?

That is exactly right.

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ok-I understand. Thanks for walking me through that!

Probably this thread will give you some ideas Custom Unit Build: 4 Poly Round Robin Sample Player

This particualr unit is not updated for V0.4.x but you can rebuild it following the info in this thread.

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I made a 4 step (and 8) step round robin gate trigger using custom units with toggle controls triggering additional toggle controls. if each sample player’s gate set to receive ie: A -, A+, B- and B+ … you can achieve pseudo poly from arpeggiators and fast broken chords from a mono cv controller (as each player would have their own independent set of VCA and ADSRs).

Alright-I got it working great. I have four Raw Players working in a round-robin style. A cool thing is by modulating the counter finish number down that emulates the choke action by limiting the number of players being used so that’s a cool effect! And very low CPU usage-11% with all four samplers.

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