Portable case

I’m trying to build a portable rig around the ER-301:

What do you think?
Also if anyone know can I power a small system with
a. power bank
b. solar

Thanks! :thinking::hugs:

It’s cute :slight_smile:

I have a Disting mk4 in my own rack, and I have to say I hardly use it because I’m too lazy to bother with the navigation system, and I don’t remember the algorithms, nor their parameters. Frustrating little bugger. Especially when you have something as luxurious and nice to work with as the ER-301. Pam’s workout is a good idea, but the micro keyboard and gate receiver modules? I wonder if it wouldn’t give you more flexibility and ease of playing if you got rid of that, and replace it with something like Expert Sleepers FH-1 and a nice little controller or midi sequencer.

Looks like fun! If it were me, I would replace the two keyboard gate/receiver modules with an Endorphines Shuttle Control, and a CME X-key 25. The Shuttle Control is also a power supply, so you could do something else with those final HP.


thanks!..with the mini keyboard I get manual gates (lots).
Midi control means 2 devices and I’d like to be as minimum as possible…

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Tnanks!..I’ve also got mixed feelings re mk4. I nearly sold it a month ago, but the buyer didn’t collect the post so it returned back to me! I’m trying to give it another chance, you know Swiss knife thing…
Micro keys gives me 1v/o and lots of manual gates to trigger the loopers.
Midi means more that one device and I’d like to keep it min…

Ah, I see what you’re after now. Carry on then. :slight_smile:

I have a similar thing going on with the disting. It’s a huge amount of power for not much cost and packed into very minimal HP. And yet I just don’t use it as much as I’d think I would. I guess the thing is you almost need the manual in front of you unless/until you’re super familiar with it.

I probably should spend some time with the “favorites” and “presets” features and get it set up to where I just a have a couple of key algorithms “on tap” for ready use and get really familiar with them.

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Same here with that disting. It seems so sensible to have it in my rack and yet it’s mostly unused. Just can’t seem to bother with the manual and figuring out parameters.

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i use it mostly as radio music clone :slight_smile:

I’d be tempted to ditch the Triatt and Gozinta and go for a Levit8.

Thanks for the input, I like the Levit8, use it for mixing and faders needs so I could ditch the Triatt.
Gozinta gives me the amplification I need ( very weak signals ) Unfortunately the ER-301 even in 4x settings does not cover my needs…
4ms mailed me back that a power bank is probably ok with either their 30 or 40 power as long as I’ll be feeding the synth 15v-20v…:sunglasses:

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Yeah I figured the Gozinta probably had good reason for being there :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s nice. Just the right size for some occasions!

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I have the X-Key 37 and it’s surprisingly playable, too! Really like it. But then again, I’m no pianist, I used to use a Qunexus :smiley:


runs on a meanwell rt-65 (fits perfect under the 301, but there is a smaler 12/-12v that’s sufficient) which is powerable by anything providing 110-230v and cost around 20$.
so then with any ac dc converter (those for car battery for campig are pretty cheap) you can use any power bank or car battery or what ever solar output if you ditch the 4ms.

more imporant is the electric charge of you battery. for a rack like this 1Ah should equal 1 hour of power.