Porting Mutable Instruments code to ER301

Am wondering if anyone has taken a look at this or if there is interest in figuring out how to do it? As example, mm seeing the algorithms from Braids show up in a number of places including the Disting EX, Poly Hector, Dirtywave M8, Percussa SP, etc. and would have thought there was some interest in having these oscillators available on the ER301. I believe the CPU in Braids is a Cortex M4 which is much lower spec than the Cortex A8 which I think is in the ER301 so should be able to handle it.

But am thinking it would be good to go beyond that. The algorithms in Warps, or the LFOs from Peaks would also be cool to port over.

My challenge is that I am not a C++ programmer so am not sure how to go about doing this. Anyone else out there interested in doing this?