Porting Norns LUA engines into a 301 unit?

So looking at all the great engines being created for Monome Norns, the KarplusRings engine stood out as a great unit to port over to the 301. Imagine having a RINGS as a unit for all the plucky goodness, ahhh I’d love it!
I really wish I had the knowledge to code let alone port something. From what I’ve read the code in Norns is LUA and could maybe be an easy job?
Anyone out there willing to give this a shot?
@Joe do you think this could be possible?

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I think on Norns the UI is written in Lua and the audio code is SuperCollider. I think on the ER-301 the UI is also Lua and the audio code is in C++. In order to implement Karplus-Strong it would have to be written on the audio layer not the UI layer. If I remember correctly there are plans to open up the audio layer up at some point but not for a really long time.

If you want to play around with Karplus-Strong on the ER-301 check out this thread: Karplus strong . I’m not sure if the experimental stuff in that thread works in the new firmware though. There’s a good video in the thread playing around with Karplus-Strong synthesis on the ER-301 using existing units.


I think it’s an interesting idea. I also think there will be more flexibility for this kind of thing when the DSP layer is opened up to end users. I was kind of hoping that might be a 0.5 thing rather than the distant future. But I guess we’ll see! :slight_smile: