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Possibility of an LPG emulation on a bespoke (Lua) level



hi everybody,

here’s a question that i’ve been wondering about. for quite some time i’ve been pondering if i should learn middle level coding for the beloved 301. do you think cobbling up something like a Buchla LPG model would be possible with the processing blocks we have available — based on for example this paper or something else? thanks!


also i’m curious about implementing a general vactrol response unit to use internally on modulation anywhere


I have nothing to contribute except for my overwhelming support for this idea. Nothing beats a good LPG. Following…


Would be cool to hook up a vactrol or other similar device to one of the audio outs and read it back in on an input to characterize the vactrol to make your own ‘curve’


Thank you for that link.


you are welcome! but currently i’m lacking coding skills to turn that into something useful and working


Since a lowpass gate is essentially a low pass VCF configured to behave like a VCA, I’ve been using the built in Ladder LPF on the 301 for audio instead of a VCA. For the most basic application, I set the V/oct to taste, and trigger the f0, to which I’ll add and ADSR. I’m very happy with the sound and rarely use VCAs for audio anymore.


great idea, going to try that as soon as i get to my 301. thanks!