Possible bug on clocked delay? (solved:user error)

hello, found a possible bug on clocked delay.
i have it on an aux send from my mixer. i set input for signal (in 3), out (out 3) and in for clock signal (b1), clock comin in from tempi.
if i set a division of 1 or 2 no problem. if i set a division of 3 suddenly i have no feedback, no repetitions. same with a division of 4 or higher.
no problem with multiplication even with higher factors.

You need to make sure the period of the resulting divided clock fits within your maximum delay time. When you create the delay unit, its maximum delay time is by default 1s.

thanks Brian, totally overlooked this. and this option is not present in the clocked doppler delay (in fact i was replacing the clocked delay with the doppler version)

Adjusting the maximum delay time on the Doppler delays is still on the TODO :wink:

FYI, those have a maximum delay time of 2s at the moment.

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thanks :slight_smile: i see this is sort of the same thing as setting buffers for loopers, reserving a fixed amount of ram for that unit, right?


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