Possible bug with ADSR

Hi everyone,

I may have found a bug with the ER301 ADSR used with the sine wave oscillator. I created a patch with a Mixer > inside the mixer is a Sine OSC > on the level insert an ADSR. I left my patch idle while it was receiving a gate to the ADSR for more than 20 minutes with the sustain parameter highlighted. When I returned to my case and tried to adjust the release time the unit immediately crashed and rebooted. To isolate the issue to a possible software bug I tried my ER301 module in three different cases alone and experienced the exact same issue with times ranging from 20 to 30 minutes of idle time while receiving a gate. I experienced the same issue on both the 3 and 4 firmware. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I tried replicating this but I couldn’t get it to happen.

When your ER-301 crashed, was there a screen saying that it saved a report to crash.log?

No, I did not get a crash.log file. I must have tested this ADSR issue over 10 times - It almost looks like a power loss when it crashes. I have the chain on my computer but I cant upload it to the forum yet because Im a new user. Can I send you the chain that makes mine crash? In addition to the chain, one of the times I shot a short video clip of it crashing.

Yes, please the send the chain.

When did this start happening? Is it 100% repeatable?

Yes, 100% repeatable. I tried in different cases still the same crash also on both firmware versions. This is the first time in three months that Ive turned it on - I have only used my module a handful of times - less than 10 hours of use. Where do I send the chain? I cant upload it to this thread.

Send it to my email. You bought it from me, so you have my email :laughing:

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Could you also zip up the contents of your REAR sd card and sent it along as well?