Possible er-301 bug

Heya folks, first-time poster, long time lurker.

I’ve recently noticed that my er-301 produces some really strange distortion if I leave it on for a few days. No matter what unit(s) I’m using or what channel is producing sound, if I leave it running without restarting for a few days or more (not entirely sure how much time needs to pass) the module produces a significant amount of static/distortion, and if a signal is being produced on a channel by a unit, that signal almost becomes obfuscated by the distortion.

Upon rebooting the unit, this distortion goes away.

I’m unsure how long this has been happening, I only recently noticed it (maybe a month or so) and it seemed to occur before I updated to .26

I’m running version 0.4.26 stable, 48kHz, 128smps. Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. When this issue happens again, I can make a recording of it and post it if that will help.


Thank you for the report. :bowing_man:

This does get reported every once in awhile and I have not been able to reproduce it on my end which is making it difficult for me to fix it. At one point I have had 5 test modules powered on continuously for over 4 weeks in two different cases, but the problem did not happen. I’ve even done the same test on a module sent back by a customer who had it happen to him and again nothing.

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This reminds me of a situation that I had experienced with a DIFFERENT set of modules from a DIFFERENT manufacturer, which exhibited a repeated failure scenario that happened in my studio, tested in 3 different cases. Each time a very specific failure resultant from an i2c connection between modules. The very same modules shipped to the manufacturer exhibited none of the problems, and replacement modules offered by the manufacturer reproduced the failure scenario in my setup again!

In the end we had to give up and acknowledged that there must have been something peculiar happening in my studio, OR cases I was testing with.

Reason why I am posting this here, is that for me it was one of those moments where I had to come to terms with this “property” of essentially open ended format of modular environment. Where even in a modest size setup there are so many variables that may possibly contribute to unexpected behaviors.

Not sure if this is one of those situations here, but I am feeling a similar feeling of reaching a kind of boundary.

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I’ve pretty familiar with product trouble-shooting and bug testing, so upon reading @odevices msg, it occured to me that the issue could possibly have something to do with my case, i.e., power supply, or an interaction with another module, or even my power from the mains (I live in a rural area and the power here fluxuates quite a bit).

I think I can rule out the problem being from the mains - my case is currently receiving power from a UPS that also acts as a power regulator/filter. Also, this UPS is a recent addition and I recall experiencing this issue before integrating the UPS.

So that leaves the case PSU or interactions with other modules - frequelty CV is entering the er-301 from a combination of Pams New Workout, Ansible, and Hermod, and less frequently from other audio sources.

Also, my power supply is produced by Synthroteck - https://www.synthrotek.com/products/modular-circuits/case-power/ I’m using “Case Power Blue”.

If @odevices thinks it would be useful, I’d be happy to provide the serial number off the back of the unit, I think I recall seeing on upon installation.

Hi there
Just posting here to report that i encountered this very issue. Over periods of approximately 48h, the output sound of my ER-301 sounds decimated/bitcrushed. A reboot fixes the issue. My case is powered with a Tip Top uZeus. I haven’t witnessed any brown-out of the PSU.