Preparation of Hat



I still have almost 20 hours!


Amazing! I love your style. Can you make one of Brian on a stationary bike tirelessly powering the ER-301 while a gang of us eurorack users enthusiastically jeer him on? :heart:

edit: I feel bad for those who smoke while anxious on World No Tobacco Day

Hahahha, that might take some time though. But as the man just said, twenty more hours :smile: (I think I prefer not distracting him as the matter of fact, haha)

Oh, 20 hours left. I bet he hasn’t started it yet. :wink:


Rooting for you Brian! Save the hats!

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Gotta hat it to you Brian, you have everybodies attention! Will he release a revision? Will I get to see him eat a hat?

At this point, I want to step in and offer to eat my hat if @odevices can’t “get it out in time” simply for the purpose of not having the man hospitalised, having attempted to eat his hat, or a little bit of the hat.

No No, I can’t think of anything worse than you being hospitalised and THEN, weeks maybe even fortnight’s later, before we see a new interface.

I’LL eat the hat :woman_pilot:

Not to worry. There’s still ample time for:

v0.4.12 CHANGES
FIXED: Firmware revision number no longer imparts threat of bodily harm


Hey… a new look @Joe, ready and waiting😁

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V04.12 bug
Think I got got a problem with bodily harm to anus, has anybody else experienced this with the new release from @Joe

If you’re not from the US, that’s the “Big Boy”, the icon of a chain of greasy spoon type cafes. The longer you look at it, the creepier it gets.

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Love that little window, a look into your world, thankyou very much. Over here we also talk of the ‘greasy spoon.’

This thought probably scares many …

Oh, probably should have mentioned:

(*) Faux-firmware v0.4.12 is for topical use only. If accidental anal ingestion occurs, seek medical help immediately.

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Werner Herzog ate his own shoes after losing a bet.

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?”
Werner Herzog

301 Deep diver motif

transparent iridescent terrifying deep sea hat-fish

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This place is gradually manifesting signs of Bat Country… love it :slight_smile:

Less than two hours to HAT

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Hat Absorption Time (H.A.T.)


T minus 10 minutes :wink:

I think released about 30s before the deadline. That must be a personal record! :partying_face: