Presets and folders

So I have a bunch of presets (.unit files) that I made, some of which I shared on GitHub.

When I want to use a preset, I really don’t want to think about if it was implemented with a two-band, six-band or a mixer, I just want to use, say a reverb. So the insert->presets is helpful, in that I don’t have to create a certain type of unit just to find out that the preset I want to use is actually for som other type of unit. However I still have to browse the folders for the various unit-types.

So I tried creating a new folder (I chose the name “favorites”) next to the folders for the various unit types, and copied a few presets for various units types in there. And lo and behold, loading those presets via insert->presets actually worked. Only quirk is that saving the preset will default to the preset folder for the unit type (say “six-bands”).

So two questions for @odevices

  1. Was I just lucky, or is loading presets from a randomly named folder officially supported?
  2. Any chance we can have a feature in a future firmware, where saving a unit defaults to the location it was loaded from, and not the folder for the unit type?

If this would work smoothly, it would be really easy to install other peoples presets, just drop the folder (named a773, starthief, whatever) in your presets folder, no need to copy files into the correct folder according to their unit types.

There may be more elaborate/elegant ways of handling this, this is just a low hanging fruit, if I understand correctly.

EDIT: Thinking about this, In my opinion we could actually do away with the current folder structure entirely if:

  1. Preset saving defaulted to the folder it was loaded from.
  2. Newly created presets (not loaded ones) would default to just presets folder, with the option to save into a different folder.
  3. Loading a preset into an already instantiated unit would list all presets for this unit type, recursively found in the presets folder.

Am I alone here? Is this a non-problem? Or do we already have a better solution in place that I don’t know about (highly likely)?

I think these 2 facts answer all your questions?

Fact #1: When you are loading and saving presets, the ER-301 does not care where the preset file is located.

Fact #2: When loading and saving a unit preset via the unit’s menu, the starting path for the file browser is the most recently used (MRU) location for that particular unit type. If there is no MRU then it defaults to ER-301/<version>/presets/<unit-type>.

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Does that mean that I could basically move all .unit-files to presets/ folder already, and “have it may way”?

Question to the community: Should I just move all my presets (on github) to a single folder, so people “installing them” would just have to extract that from zip (in presets/) and be done with it?

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I like this thought. Sometimes I forget about my presets that aren’t custom units :slight_smile:

Ok, so just hypothetically: how would feel about sharing all your presets in one jumbled up folder? How would you feel about “installing” someone elses presets if they came in one jumbled up folder? And by jumbled up, I mean presets for different units sitting in the same folder?

Not asking you to do that, just curious…

The units I’ve shared have been individual files, it’s up to whoever downloads them to place them somewhere.

I just moved all presets to presets/ folder + updated my github for a flat structure experience. Let’s see how that feels :slight_smile: