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First post on this forum. Been a 301 user since the beginning. Have a question about slicing a sample. Before I insert a slice can I preview the slice before I click insert? Right now I have to insert a slice then setup a trigger and get the right CV to play the right slice, if I don’t like exactly where I placed the slice I then need to delete and try again. Would love to be able to just click a button where the slice marker is to test the slice before inserting if this makes any sense.
Tried searching but couldn’t find this exact issue.
Thanks for any help you may provide.

You can manually trigger reset (from the small screen) when you have your cursor over the position you are thinking of inserting a cue point. You can then hear if the sample sounds right, an make adjustment while auditioning. When it sounds right you insert cue point.


Thank you for this info, I will try this week. This helps so much!

OK, so I had a chance to try the suggestion from Laborcamp last night and I am still unsuccessful in previewing slices before inserting them. Little more info, I am not on the latest firmware I think I am on 1.18(Not sure if that matters, need to update tonight!) I am using the sample player. The only time I see a manual trigger reset is when I am focused on the trigger screen, when I focus on slices the manual trigger screen is gone. I hooked my Tetrapad up and assigned it to manually be able to fire triggers, this it does well but will only fire the selected slice. I would like to be able to scroll through the waveform with the big knob and keep firing the trigger, auditioning where the cursor position currently is, then hit insert when its at the exact point that sounds right to me, but unfortunately it will only trigger whatever slice it previously was on. The only options I see when in the slice screen is (insert, delete,snap,menu) and on the small bottom screen(slices,cursor,follow)
I hope I’m making sense here, I’m not the best at explaining things. I’m sure its a simple thing I am missing, perhaps I’m not focused on the right screen? Right now Im just inserting slices visually and hoping they are in a good place.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The current beta wild frontier version is 0.3.2 - I would update before doing anything else - at least to the latest stable version - 0.2.27:

Sorry typo, Im on 3.18

So I updated firmware last night to 3.20(Missed the 3.21 update) and I still have the same issues previewing a slice before committing. With the update I no longer see the sample player and was trying the Vari-speed player with no luck. I still have to insert a slice then trigger it and hope its exactly where I want it, if not I need to delete it and guess again.
Anyone have any suggestions? I cant imagine no one would want or use a feature like this.
On another note I’m still trying to get used to hitting enter to focus on a parameter, I like the old way where you could just click the same M button twice to get in, feels like extra steps to keep going back to the enter button. I’m sure with time this will get easier.

When in the Slicing View, press S1 to have the play head jump to the cursor and proceed from there.


The Sample Player was renamed to Variable Speed Player.

With the lack of documentation, I would make sure to read through each of the CHANGES whenever you update to a new firmware in order to avoid excessive confusion. :wink:

The M button stills focus a parameter. Perhaps you are talking about the context views that are opened/closed with the ENTER button?

Brian, thank you so much! That looks like the ticket, cant believe I didn’t try that. I will be back on it Friday and I will report back.
As far as the M button views, In the past if I hit for example M3 to focus on slicing I would hit it once to “focus” on the slice and then once again to “Get in” where I see the waveform and be in the view to enter slices. Now I click M3 then enter to “Get in” . Getting out I believe is the same. No big deal just feels like an extra step now, instead of 2 clicks on one button its a click on one button and then a click on the enter button. I will get used to it over time I’m sure.
Unrelated note I received an error last night trying to load a sample from the SD card saying "Failed to load:“filename.wav, Failed to parse. Please send this file to me for analysis.”
What file should I send? The wav file? And what’s the best way to get it to you? I have used this wav file before in the past with no issues. Using 48k version
Maybe this has been fixed in 3.21?
Anyway thanks for your help, this module is amazing and keeps getting better

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Just want to follow up that the suggestion from Brian worked. I am able to preview slices using the S1 button. Hopefully this helps any others who are having difficulty. Funny, it feels like I tried everything, cant believe I missed that, appears pretty obvious now.
Anyway thanks again!