Probability / Random

Does ER-101 have any Probability / Random functions?
Probability of gate, say, or random (quantized) voltage output?

You can take a noise unit and feed it into a sample and hold unit.

No probability unit as of now.

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I think that would be a good one to add :wink:


Umm…ER-101 (not 301) ?


I thought you meant 301.

my bad!

No worries.
So much (warranted) excitement about the 301!

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The are random (replace a step parameter with a number picked from a given interval) and jitter (add a random number to a step parameter) operations in the MATH transforms. These transforms can be applied (destructively) to a step or a pattern or an entire track at the press of a button. For external CV/gate control of these operations (as well as non-destructive application and creating arbitrary groups of steps to use the target), the ER-102 would also be necessary.

Although, it requires the ER-102, here is a video depicting one possible technique for probabilistic sequencing:

Thanks, Brian.
I hadn’t gotten round to looking into the ER-102 yet, so missed this video.
…saving my pennies :relaxed: