Problem with Clocked Delay's mult/div parameters

I just noticed that the clocked delay only does divisions up to 4. Beyond that there is no delay anymore. Is this purposeful or do I do something wrong? Same when using the multiplier - as soon as a division beyond 4 is reached (as 2/10 or 3/15…) the delay is gone.

Seems fine here…perhaps your final delay time is exceeding the allocated buffer length (default is 1s)? The ratio mult/div is applied to the clock frequency (not the period). So if the ratio is less than 1 then frequency of the clock is reduced and the delay time is increased. Your problems with a ratio of 1/4 or less imply that your current allocated buffer length is less than your input clock period times 4. You have choices in the unit’s config menu to allocate longer buffers.



Ah, thank you - that was it!

A documentation update would be so great…


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