Problem with importing recorded samples


Im having some issues when recording / importing samples on v0.6.

When i go into admin/ multitrack recording and choose and input, record a file and save it, and then go to user/ and choose any of the sample playback unit like raw player, and then i choose the sample i had previously recorded it says failed to load, failed to parse, please send me file for analysis…

I have also tried creating a pool first, then recording into multitrack recording and i have the same problem.

Im following the youtube tutorials by @NeilParfitt and when he records a file the file is saved as with the filename and mono on the end.

I dont know (sorry noob here) if there is a order to perform the tasks or im missing something along the way.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


Edited: update to latest release and that fixed it :slight_smile: